Homeopathy and Wheelie Bins



Now and again, I get a pain in my thigh. It’s a twinge, intermittent and painful. It feels like an electric shock is passing through my leg. It makes me jump, stops me getting comfortable, stops me sleeping. I believe it’s an old man’s disease called rheumatism. It’s quite common and not lethal.

Nevertheless, it is uncomfortable.


A few years ago, my wife was studying to be a homeopath. I may have asked her politely for a remedy for the pain, but I have the feeling that she noticed how screwed up I had become and offered her help. I’d been suffering on and off for several weeks, my normal grumpiness had been increased by several notches. She prescribed me Bryonia, gave me a single tiny sugary pill and told me to keep it under my tongue until it dissolved.

The pain disappeared within 15 minutes and didn’t return.


Until yesterday, when I realised it had come back with a vengeance. I put it down to the wet weather, 2012 has been rather damp on the whole. I complained that I needed another dose of Bryonia and was invited to find it myself, which I did. I administered two pills, just to make sure, and they did the trick. It’s gone again, I’m nice and comfortable, no more electricity down my leg.


You might be wondering why I’m telling you all this, and being so long winded about it.

Well, it’s all about what I notice in my life. I never notice when the pain stops, only when it’s there. I rarely stop and think how well I feel. I suppose it’s that thing about counting your blessings, I don’t do it often enough.


It’s also worth pointing out that homeopathy does work, despite the fact that nobody can prove it scientifically. Noticing it is all that’s required.


Which brings me to noticing that my wheelie bin is missing. I put it out last Saturday and haven’t seen it since. In case you’re wondering, it’s green and has 10 written on it in biro. In Chorley, we put our general, non-recyclable waste in a green bin. Our green waste goes in the green waste bin which is actually brown and our recyclables go in the blue bin. So there.

Someone has stolen my bin full of rubbish! I know times are hard but there’s little value in the contents. If you see it, let me know.


Remember Proceeds of Crime? Well, its on it’s third draft and pretty well sorted, thanks to Dea.


Due Diligence will be published very soon.