Open Circle


This is my publisher’s logo. You’ll be seeing it a lot, I hope.
Let’s be clear about this, I’m rather closely involved in Open Circle. I set it up, then invited various other people to get involved. At the end of the day, it’s my initiative but relies on the inspiration and hard work of lots of others.
The Open Circle team consists of people who love books, who love reading and who also write in one form or another.
Two of the Board are academics, another has her own PR business, we have a graphic artist and a dancer.
Everyone shares the same vision, to help writers and readers connect, to encourage writers, to promote good books and not only our own.
The ways we’re going to set about these worthy objectives are dependant on resources. In order to kick start the project, gain some experience and be able to put together sensible and fair deals for authors Open Circle is publishing my first three Jenny Parker crime thrillers.
The first, Due Diligence, is out in April.
The proceeds, hopefully plentiful, will go towards the promotion of Open Circle and my second book.
Once we know what we can offer, we’ll be seeking out authors with good books and offering them the same services as a major publisher but on much fairer terms.
If you’re a reader, you’ll be able to participate in lots of ways.
If you’re a writer, Open Circle will be an exciting resource for you.
Your first step is to follow this blog. Then you’ll be with us every step of the way.
Did I mention that one of the most successful writers in the world is fully committed to supporting Open Circle?
Watch this space.