An Amazing Day

DD Cover Final

After a good week, today is turning out incredibly!

First there’s the movie/tv series offer for Due Diligence. I don’t have all the details for you yet, but someone’s imagination has been fired up and an incredible proposition is being made today. We’re talking Hollywood blockbuster here, though it seems I’ll have to make some tweaks to the plot, the setting and most of the characters. New York is sufficiently like Manchester for that to work, Jenny will probably do well as a man but I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to fit in a vampire and a hobbit. Their insistence on a part for Ja Ja Binks is entirely understandable under the circumstances.

Even more remarkably, my publishers, Open Circle, have been the subject of a multi-million dollar takeover bid from Amazon. As Open Circle are yet to make any money, this might seem a little surprising. I do have a theory, though. Due Diligence is currently published on KDP Select. This means that Amazon have exclusive sales for 90 days. Maybe they are worried about a huge drop in earnings when DD can be bought elsewhere?

So, a very special day. I may be able to resist the Hollywood blandishments, though. My chickens have begun to lay golden eggs.


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