As a writer, my aspirations have been something along these lines:

Finish a story

Write a whole novel

Write something that feels really good and exciting

Have someone else read it

Have someone other than a friend or family member comment favourably

Get published

Now I’ve been published, it turns out that there are a whole new list of aspirations to go with it. Like:

See my ebook on Amazon

Have someone buy it

Get a good review

See the print proof, fondle it lovingly

See the paperback available on line

All done, all very satisfying but here’s the best one of all:

See my book in a bookshop

It’s in the Ebb and Flo Bookshop, 12 Gillibrand Street, Chorley

And yes, I did have to bribe the proprietor, or at least speak kindly to her. But it’s there for you all to buy.

Now my aspirations are taking another notch upwards.

I’m examining the weekly top 50 sales chart in the Bookseller, for example

I’m also checking my Amazon sales every ten minutes

It’s all very exciting, and, best of all, only just beginning.

Due Diligence (Jenny Parker)


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