D J Harrison is a husband, father to four children, scientist, businessman and writer, not always in that order.  Amongst his sources of inspiration he lists his wife, Anne Marie, at the very top followed, not too closely, by Vonnegut, Chandler and Dylan.

David’s first love is writing, his career has depended on his ability with words, both written and spoken.  His second love is reading.

In 2007, he decided to devote time to fiction writing and has produced one novel a year since then.  None of these has been submitted for publication.

The only submission he has ever made was runner up in a national short story competition.

David is currently writing a third Jenny Parker novel entitled Limited Liability.

He is sixty four, lives in Lancashire, active member of Chorley & District Writers Circle, on Twitter and Facebook and blogs as Northern Writer. (http://djharrison99.blogspot.com/).

David’s career has brought him into contact with a variety of individuals and organisations, some of which might be classed as dubious and, in one or two cases, dangerous. His work has involved extensive travel throughout Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. He even spent some time being smuggled in and out of communist held East Germany, such was his devotion to an over enthusiastic venture capital fund.

He has UK Parliamentary experience, providing waste management policy advice and information to MP’s and government, enjoys legal work as an expert witness and, until 2007, owned a motor racing team.


One thought on “About

  1. I am so happy for you that your book did well!
    I was interested in the idea that the main character was you. Did you change him any for the published book? How did you deal with the idea that some criticized him? Your book is a huge achievement!

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